Interactive Video Banner Advertising Cheshire Macclesfield

Flash video banner advertising using the cost per engagement model.

We offer advertisers a media buying model for interactive video banner advertising also known as 'flash banner ads' called cost per engagement, which abbreviates to CPE. Advertisers on our network only pay when people engage with their video banner ads by rolling over them and expanding them.

When you buy engagements across our network we include the creative, the ad serving and the media planning, buying and evaluation.

Interactive video banner ads - the countdown

On your right are video banner ads that are currently running on our network. If you rollover it you'll see there's a three-second countdown before the video banner ad expands. We use this countdown because we don't want advertisers paying for accidental rollovers.

Publishers in our network

Blue Reality works with premium publishers. Our network includes the websites of broadsheet and tabloid newspapers and radio stations. We can target your video banner ad by gender, location, age and tastes. Our channels include music, film, technology, gay, sports and teen.

Accountability in interactive banner advertising

Currently, most banner advertising is bought using the cost per thousand media buying model, or CPM as it's often called. With CPM, advertisers pay every time a website serves its banner ads 1000 times regardless of how that ad performs. The cost per engagement model demonstrates that it's now reasonable for advertisers with good content to only pay publishers when audiences engage with their ads.

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